Do Dogs Get Stressed At Daycare?

Dog daycares and boarding facilities help ensure your pup’s safety when you’re unavailable to provide them with comfort and attention. As easy as that sounds, caring for your pup while you’re away from them is more stressful for both parties for various reasons. Allowing your pups to be enrolled in dog boarding facilities comes with many responsibilities. An owner should ensure they’re handing their buddy over to a professional. The first experiences for dogs will always be discomforting due to exposure to a new environment. You must take precautionary steps to ensure their safety and well-being. Let’s discuss how dogs experience stress in dog daycare in Orlando, Fl, and tips on de-stressing your pups before leaving them all on their own. Read down below!

Do Dogs Get Stressed at Dog Daycare

Sometimes, there are chances that you’ll receive a call from your doggy daycare facility and be asked to pick up your pup earlier than decided. This doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Of course, there is the disappointment of your dog not fitting in, but there is a broader need to comprehend to guarantee your dog’s health and well-being.

Multiple explanations are available to determine why your pup reacts a certain way. The most common reason for your pup’s behavior is separation anxiety. Pups are social creatures but require your love and attention to feel whole.

When you decide to leave your buddy at a doggy daycare, their discomfort likely comes from separation. They are used to your specific love and comfort compared to the attention they receive from the dog boarding workers and other pups.

It also depends entirely on the pup’s personality matching their environment. The pups might be able to maintain good behavior initially. Still, their requirements not being fulfilled can lead them to change the behavior that might even harm the workers or other dogs around them.

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Kennel Attendant With Dog
Kennel Attendant Gives A Toy To The Dog

Tips on How to De-Stress Your Dog at Dog Daycare Facilities

So, to ensure the safety of everyone around your pup and the pups themselves, here are a few tips that can help encourage the pups to de-stress safely and get accustomed to their new surrounding:

Ease Your Dog into Doggy Daycare

There are better ideas than dropping your pup directly into the doggy daycare. Your pup needs you to be there with them while they are adjusting to the new place so that they don’t suddenly experience anxiety that can cause stress and harm to the pup’s mental well-being.

Stress and anxiety can cause behavioral changes in pups inside the dog boarding facility that can cause them to harm themselves and the other pups around them. Behavioral changes can include:

    Barking aggressively.
    Being unable to consume food.
    Preventing other dogs from performing healthy activities.
Give Them Comfort Toy

Having your pup bring their favorite toy, blanket, or object that gives them familiarity in the new environment is essential in letting them find comfort everywhere they go. Not only are they distant from you, but their home is taken away from them.

As sad as this is, it’s normal for dogs and their owners to feel this sadness. But this way, enrolling them into a doggy daycare is more comforting than leaving them all alone.

Use of Medication and Anti-Anxiety Tools

Going to the vet and getting prescribed medication for your pup to help calm them is an excellent way to de-stress them when dropping them off at a dog boarding facility. These medications can help them remain calm while shifting to a new environment.

Several tools are also available to ease your dog’s anxiety other than medications. Things like swaddling jackets and distraction toys can also help ensure the mental well-being of the pup, allowing it to fit well with the environment.

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Now when the time comes for you to drop off your furry buddy with the other pups in the dog daycare facility, you can be at ease with the fact that your pup won’t stress out and feels safer after the tips you took the benefits from.

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