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Welcome to Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit, Where Every Pet is Family!

At Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit, we believe that pet boarding should be an experience filled with the same love, attention, and safety your pet receives at home. 

Serving the Orlando area including Winter Park, Kissimmee, and Central Florida, we offer a variety of services to meet all your dog boarding needs.

Why Choose Us For Your Orlando Dog Boarding?

  1. Highly Rated: Check out our 5-star Google reviews!
  2. Safety First: Our staff is trained in pet safety and first aid.
  3. Affordable Rates: Quality care that doesn’t break the bank.
  4. Real-Time Updates: Through our app, receive photos, and health updates of your pet.
  5. Convenient Locations: Easy drop-off and transportation services available.
  6. Certified Professionals: Our team is committed to delivering the best experience for both you and your pet.

How We Do Things here in orlando

At Miss Emily’s each dog stays in a four-walled suite (not cages), and is placed into social groups based on their size, temperament and activity levels. 

Once the dog is introduced to their group they will enjoy a structured daily schedule where they will receive plenty of time to socialize while enjoying our doggy day care program in our indoor and outdoor play areas.

We find offering dogs a structured routine helps eliminate or reduce any uncertainty or anxiety while you are away. If your dog is accustom to a daily routine our daily schedule will serve as an easier transition from home. 

In the event your dog doesn’t have a daily routine we find dogs, like children appreciate the introduction to a structure routine. Maintaining an active schedule for each of our guests also helps to ensure they have a peaceful and restful night.

dog tired wanting to sleep at boarding facility

How to sign your dog up to be a part of the Miss Emily’s Pack

miss emily's packBefore you can schedule a reservation for your dog(s), we have a few steps required to join the Miss Emily’s Pack.

  1. Please enroll your dog(s) with us by completing the new pet registration process. This allows us to get to know your dog(s) so that we can customize their stay.
  2. Send us your dog(s) shot records. You can have your vet email them to us at info@missemilysbedandbiscuit.com
  3. Schedule your dog(s) get acquainted day (Introduction day). This is designed to familiarize them with our routine and to associate Miss Emily’s as a fun, caring, and safe place to be.

To schedule their introduction day please call us at 407-737-0774 or email us at info@missemilysbedandbiscuit.com. We do complimentary introduction days Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays if space allows. We can set up a tour if you would like to see the facility. Our touring hours are limited as we like to minimize the amount of stress on the pups throughout the day, please call to schedule with us.

If you have questions, please send us an email at info@missemilysbedandbiscuit.com give us a call at 407-737-0774.

Please Note

  • We have limited space so we allocate boarding over major holidays to existing customers (previously used our services within the last twelve months).
  • We define major holidays as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day)
  • Please review our lodging requirements below.

Lodging Details

Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper-Parvo), Bordetella (Kennel cough), Canine Influenza aka as Doggy Flu (H3N2 & H3N8).

  • Vaccines must be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding.
  • All pets must have proof of required vaccines for boarding and daycare.
  • All dogs and cats are required to be covered by a flea and tick program.
  • Due to the boutique nature of our facility, we do have BREED & SIZE limitations and exceptions are based on availability. For questions, please contact our facility directly during regular business hours.
  • Guests are charged a full day rate the day of check in regardless of check-in time.
  • Check out time is 12:00 PM/Noon Monday thru Sunday (A full day of daycare will be charged for pick up after 12:00 noon the day of scheduled check out)
  • Guests lodging or checking out (assuming we are open) over New Year’s eve/day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas eve/day are charged an additional $30.00 per pet on their final bill to cover care, daily feeding and play-time for the half-day.
  • Deposits of $50.00 are required at the time of reservation for all major holiday reservations. (See above).
  • To accommodate as many clients as possible for busy holidays, a 3-night minimum is required for all major holiday reservations.
  • A cancellation Fee of $50 will be charged to your credit card on all reservations not cancelled 72 hours prior to arrival.
  • Owner provides food. In the event food is not brought or pet runs out of food we will provide food with owner’s confirmation for $2.50 per meal.
  • We encourage you to bring familiar toys or treats from home.
  • We provide comfortable bedding, bowls, litter and litter pans for our guests.
  • We feed our guests once in the AM and once in the PM unless otherwise instructed by the owner.

Go On That Vacation; We've Got You Covered WIth the best dog boarding in Orlando!

Many people keep postponing their vacations because they have no one to look after their dogs. 

But with Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit on your side, there is nothing to worry about! Leave your dog with us and enjoy some quality time while your dog has a fun time with us. 

We provide a safe and secure environment for your dog to enjoy their mini-vacation while you have yours! We ensure your dog will be happy, healthy, and playful at the end of every mini-vacay!

Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit has a superb location for your dogs to stay. With several amenities, we ensure that your dog gets the best care and does not miss home too much! 

We know parting with your dog can be stressful for both of you, but to ease your mind, we pledge to provide you with the best dog boarding services. No matter if your dog is boarding with us for the first time; our experts know how to handle such situations and ensure they are as comfortable as possible and have a stress-free dog boarding experience

With our help, your dog will settle in just fine and have fun with all the activities we have in store for them.

Dog Boarding Attendant Trained Dog

We Make Dog Boarding Fun!

Our boarding campus has the best activities for your dogs. Give us a ring, and bring your dog over. 

Our boarding experts have put together some of the best packages that come with lots of fun activities for your canine. With luxury care and endless playtimes, your dog will have the time of their lives in our care!

If you want your dog to enjoy while you enjoy your vacation, then we are the best choice for you! We are the best-reviewed local dog boarding service. Many dogs are our regular boarders! Our aim is to give love and care to every dog that walks in. With all the help we provide, we make sure our customers have no complaints and are sure to come to us whenever they need help taking care of their pup.

We have all the amenities you can think of for your dog. A healthy environment with private residences and extensive play areas is just a call away; you can call us right now at 407-737-0774 and learn more about all the services we offer.

Miss Emily Is Here To Help You

Do you need overnight dog boarding services for your furry best friend? Whether you’re planning a trip to Disney or you’re heading out of state – our campus is the best place for your dogs to stay for as long as they want. We make it fun for your dogs! The kennel staff at Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit has the best expertise to take care of your dog and make sure that they have the best time possible. We treat your dogs as if they are our own, with lots of love and hugs! 

What We Offer

Orlando Dog Boarding Services We Offer

We ensure that you get the best dog boarding in Orlando, FL, and offer the following amenities


Daily Meals

All dogs get regular meals as per the instructions of dog owners. We are strict with your dog’s diet and ensure that they get nutritious food on time.
swimming pool

Kiddie Pools

Dogs are natural swimmers! We offer kiddie pools for all our dogs to have plenty of exercises they need and enjoy their time with us. We have dedicated pools for dogs of all sizes and ages.

pet toy


We don’t know of a single dog that doesn’t like to play with toys! Not only dogs, but we also love to play with toys. At Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit, you will find some of the best and highest quality toys for your pets!


Synthetic Grass Areas

Does your dog love to run in the grass? To simulate the same feeling, we have synthetic grass areas for your dog to sprint around and use all their pent-up energy.


Group Play Dates

Dogs love playing with other dogs; for active socialization of your dog, we arrange group play dates for them to have fun! 



We are crazy about dogs and play with them every chance we get! Our caregivers are always available to give your dog the cuddles they need. 


Climate Controlled Playpens

Our climate-controlled rooms are perfect for giving your dogs the levels of comfort they need.



We LOVE playtime! We will be sure to make sure you pup gets plenty of activity and social interaction with other pups.


Room Service

All of our dog rooms are cleaned regularly, and we have high-quality accessories and services to ensure that they are happy all the time.

dog getting massaged by trainer

We Give Your Dogs the Best Care

At Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit, you can expect nothing but the best quality services! We ensure that your dog will have the most fun under our supervision. Go on that vacation, and let us have the pleasure of enjoying our time with your dog! No matter what breed or size; we take care of them all!

Your dog boarding questions, answered

The cost of boarding a dog varies depending on factors such as location, facility, and the level of care provided. On average, you can expect to pay between $25 to $85 per night, with some high-end facilities charging up to $100 or more per night. Some boarding facilities may offer discounts for longer stays or multiple dogs.

Most boarding facilities require dogs to be up-to-date on core vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and bordetella (kennel cough). Some facilities may also require additional vaccinations, such as influenza or leptospirosis, depending on the location and risk factors. It's essential to check with the specific boarding facility for their vaccination requirements.

It's common to feel guilty about leaving your dog at a boarding facility, but you shouldn't feel bad if you've chosen a reputable, well-equipped facility that prioritizes your pet's comfort and well-being. Boarding can provide your dog with socialization, exercise, and care while you're away, and many dogs enjoy the experience. Focus on finding a facility that meets your dog's needs and makes them feel safe and happy.

When packing for your dog's boarding stay, include their regular food (pre-portioned if possible), any necessary medications, a few favorite toys or comfort items, and any specific care instructions. You may also want to pack a blanket or item with your scent to help your dog feel more at ease. Most boarding facilities provide bedding, bowls, and other essentials, but it's always a good idea to check with them beforehand.

To prepare your dog for boarding, you'll want to start by choosing a reputable dog boarding business and scheduling a visit before the stay to familiarize your dog with the environment. It's als important that your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and preventative treatments, and you need to inform the facility of any health issues or special requirements. Don't forget to maintain your dog's regular routine as much as possible leading up to the stay, and consider practicing brief separations to help them adjust. Providing your dog with a positive boarding experience can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pet.

To All Our Clients

Thank you for your interest in joining our Miss Emily’s Family! We have an awesome program, which we are very proud of for the past 25 years!

Before filling out our registration form, please directly inquire with us IF:

paw icon

You have a larger breed dog, or suspect that your dog(s) might be a part of breed restrictions. We are a smaller facility, therefore, are limited as to how many larger dog breeds we can accommodate and accept within the program.

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If your dog has more serious medical conditions, or requires multiple steps of medication. Our staff is well trained, and can accommodate routine medications, but for more serious attention, it is accepted on a case by case basis.

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If you are looking for boarding within the week. We require a Trial Day for any dog(s) who are new to the facility, due to the nature of our safe socialized program. This is complimentary, but must be prescheduled. If you are looking for more immediate boarding, or other services, please call us to see if we can accommodate.

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If you are looking for holiday boarding. Our holiday reservations are typically reserved for our existing clients. It is how we thank them for being a part of our Miss Emily's family year round! If it is close to a holiday, all new clients will be placed on an Waitlist. You can still reach out to inquire.