Miss Emily's Orlando Dog Grooming Service

At Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit, we’re more than just a pet boarding center. 

Located in the heart of Orlando, FL, our dedicated staff and groomers provide an array of dog grooing services that cater to the needs of your furry family members. 

We pride ourselves on our experience, quality, and reputation, making us one of the top pet grooming services in the Central Florida area.

Why Choose Us to Groom Your Dog in Orlando?

  • Experienced Staff: Our team of groomers and staff come highly recommended, as reflected in our glowing reviews.
  • Safety First: We prioritize your pet’s safety, with all areas under constant staff supervision and proper circulation systems in place.
  • Customer Experience: Your satisfaction is our top priority, evident from our established reputation in Orlando and surrounding areas like Winter Park, Casselberry, and Longwood.
  • Quality Service: Using only high-quality products, we provide grooming services that meet the individual needs of all breeds.
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Our Dog Grooming Prices

Our KISS bath is a great option for short haired dogs or dogs with medium length coats who are in between their normal groom schedule.

  • Oat Meal or Aloe based Shampoo
  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bow or bandana
  • Cologne

The Pupular is our Mini groom service for dogs who need a bath and a light trim. We start with a KISS bath, then style via a light trim (face, paw, bangs, tail and face). using, scissors to get your desired appearance. This service also includes complimentary dare care to insure a beautiful and tired pup.

  • Oat Meal or Aloe based Shampoo
  • Bath
  • Blow dry and Brush Out
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Clipping
  • Sanitary Cleaning
  • Face & Tail Trim
  • Bandana or Bow
  • Puppy Cologne

The Crème de le Trim is our Full-Service groom service for dogs who need a full-body hair cut. We start with a KISS bath, then style using, scissors, clippers or plucking depending on the breed and your desired appearance. This service also includes complimentary dare care to insure a beautiful and tired pup.

  • Oat Meal or Aloe based Shampoo
  • Bath
  • Blow dry and Brush Out
  • Brush Out
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Sanitary Face & Feet Trim
  • Full Body Haircut
  • Bow Or Bandana
  • Cologne

**Pricing is based on size, temperament & condition of coat**

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A la Carte and Premium Add-on Services

Ear Cleaning$7
Teeth Brushing$10
Anal Glands$12
Conditioner$5-Sm / $7-Lg
Nail Trim$10
Nail File$15 ($5 upgrade if added to groom)
Furminator(Deshed)$15-Sm / $20-Lg
Pawdicure (Nail trim, Pawpads & Feet trim)$20
Dematting (30mins)$15-Sm / $25-Lg
BlueBerry Facial$2-Sm/ $4-Lg
Handling Fee$10

Spa Time for Your Pooch!

A clean dog is a happy and healthy dog. Imagine running your hands along its shiny clean fur and snuggling with it on a cold night while sitting in front of the fireplace. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Not anymore! Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit offers you the best grooming services to ensure that your dog looks all nice and tidy.

You can come to our trained experts for all sorts of grooming services, and we will make sure that they are given world-class treatment. Dogs love rolling around in the mud, getting dirt on their paws and all over their body, getting dirty in the process. But when you have Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit on your side, you don’t have to worry about a dirty dog! 

Our experts are trained to give your dog a much-needed cleaning. Many dog owners are short on time and unable to give their dogs the attention they should. Not grooming your dog in the right way and at the right time can cause damage to their health. This is why you mustn’t waste any time and get dog grooming services from the best in the business. There are many types of dog grooming services that you may need. Perhaps you want to trim their nails or give them a good bubble bath; whatever it is, the best way forward is to get an expert to help you with it! 

When you are looking for dog grooming services out there, you will come across many different companies, but it is essential that you only choose the best! Emily’s Bed & Biscuit is the best option for all the dog owners out there! We care for your best friend by giving them the best comfort possible. Our experts handle your dog with supreme comfort and give them 5-star spa treatment!

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What We Offer

Orlando Dog Grooming Services

If you are looking for high-quality dog grooming services, just give us a call and set up an appointment right away! Here are all the dog grooming services we offer


Bathing Services

If you haven’t bathed your dog in a long time, you can count on us to give them a deep cleaning bath. With our gentle experts, we will make sure that your dog gets all the cleaning they need. You can count on us to make your dog smell like a bed of roses by the time they do us. We offer bathing services to dogs with both long and short hair. 


Dog Nail Cutting

Your dog’s nails may grow longer and become sharp, and they may accidentally harm themselves or you if not trimmed regularly. Trimming your dog’s nails on your own may not be your cup of tea. You may end up harming your dog if you do not do it properly. This is why it is best if you hire an expert to help you with it! We offer expert help with nail cutting and other dog grooming services. 


Dog Ear Cleaning

Ear wax can gather in your dog’s ear, causing them discomfort. You need to get ear cleaning services for your dog, so that our expert can remove all the wax buildup. We only hire the best experts to offer ear cleaning services to your dog! 


Teeth Brushing

Brushing your teeth is important; more so for your dog! You need to ensure that your dog has clean teeth, so they stay in the best of health. Your dog may have several things stuck in its teeth, and you need to ensure that its teeth remain clean and free from plaque buildup. 

dog shampoo

Shampooing & Conditioning

If your dog’s fur is not clean and looks matted, then you will need shampooing and conditioning. You can come to us for thorough cleaning of fur. Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit offers different kinds of high-quality shampoo and conditioners to fit your dog’s needs. We also offer medicated shampooing for all dogs that have specific medical conditions. 

Let's Give Your Dog a Much Needed Makeover!

We have been grooming all sorts of dogs for several years; we have seen it all! No matter what kind of grooming your dog needs, you can count on our experts to deliver. We know the art of taking care of your dog’s spa needs and treating them in the best way possible.

The complete grooming process is very rewarding for the dog as they feel cared for. Many dogs can be terrified of the process, and we, as experts, try our best to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. We do not force your dogs to do anything and try to give them enough space and time to understand what is happening. 

Moreover, Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit only uses the best tools to give your dog grooming services. We sterilize our equipment to ensure your dog does not catch any germs or bacteria. Before you book an appointment, you can call our experts and learn all about our grooming services to ensure that you are satisfied with what we offer! 

dogs resting after playing
dog getting ready for a trim

Give Your Dog The Grooming It Needs!

Our representatives are available round the clock, give us a call, and we will answer any questions and concerns you may have! 

Add-on Services

Ear Cleaning
Teeth Brushing
Anal Glands
$5-Sm / $7-Lg
Nail Trim
Nail File
$15 ($5 upgrade if added to groom)
Furminator (Deshed)
$15-Sm / $20-Lg
Pawdicure (Nail trim, Pawpads & Feet trim)
Dematting (30 mins)
$15-Sm / $25-Lg
BlueBerry Facial
$2-Sm / $4-Lg
Handling Fee
dog getting massaged by dog attendant

Contact us

We’re delighted that you’re considering Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit for your pet’s needs. Our dedicated staff is eager to meet you and your furry family members! We make it easy for you to get in touch with us, whether you have questions, require more information about our services, or want to make a reservation.

📞 By Phone

Give us a call for immediate assistance with inquiries or bookings.

Contact Number: (407-737-0774)

📧 By Email

Email us with any questions you may have, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Email Address: (info@missemilysbedandbiscuit.com )

📍 In Person

Stop by our center for a tour or to chat with our experienced staff about what we can offer you and your pets.

Address: (5307 East Colonial Drive #102 Orlando, Fl 32807 )

Service Areas

We proudly serve Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, including Winter Park, Oviedo, Clermont, Kissimmee, Windermere, Winter Garden, and College Park.

We look forward to providing a wonderful experience for you and your pets at Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit!

To All Our Clients

Thank you for your interest in joining our Miss Emily’s Family! We have an awesome program, which we are very proud of for the past 25 years!

Before filling out our registration form, please directly inquire with us IF:

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You have a larger breed dog, or suspect that your dog(s) might be a part of breed restrictions. We are a smaller facility, therefore, are limited as to how many larger dog breeds we can accommodate and accept within the program.

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If your dog has more serious medical conditions, or requires multiple steps of medication. Our staff is well trained, and can accommodate routine medications, but for more serious attention, it is accepted on a case by case basis.

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If you are looking for boarding within the week. We require a Trial Day for any dog(s) who are new to the facility, due to the nature of our safe socialized program. This is complimentary, but must be prescheduled. If you are looking for more immediate boarding, or other services, please call us to see if we can accommodate.

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If you are looking for holiday boarding. Our holiday reservations are typically reserved for our existing clients. It is how we thank them for being a part of our Miss Emily's family year round! If it is close to a holiday, all new clients will be placed on an Waitlist. You can still reach out to inquire.