Factors to Consider When Boarding Your Cat

Are you planning a trip? Are you planning to take your cat with you? Well, that might not be possible for many people, especially when traveling by air. Air travel can be very stressful for your pet, and most hotels have restrictions. You won’t feel safe letting your pet roam around on the streets. That can often could lead to a b problem.

People often hire a caretaker for their pets or ask neighbors to check on them daily. That is not the best practice too. They might not have the expertise to look after your furry baby. So what’s the solution?

Reliable, ethical, and professional pet boarding services can look after your cat while you’re away. However, finding a trustworthy and proficient boarding kennel that can look after your pet in your absence is essential. Here are a few things that you should consider before boarding your cat.

Inquire Well About The Facility

Visit the boarding facility to picture how your cat will be treated. Most of your confusion will be cleared when you speak to the staff. You will be assured whether you should go to this place or not. There are some questions that you should ask the manager of the boarding facility. Some of them are listed.

  • How often are the cats fed?
  • What type of food does your staff prefer (Wet or Dry food)?
  • Do you have any litter-box facility? Is it near the food bowls?
  • Do you have places where cats can play and comfortably move around?
  • Do you also board dogs, are they kept away from the cats?

Pick a Certified Boarding facility

Most of the facilities show you that they have a lot of standards and operations, but very few follow them. In most cases, they don’t even have any authentic certification. So make sure they hold a certification from Pet Care Services and Association (PCSA).

Kennels having a PCSA certification must pass some inspections, including adequate procedures during a storm, hurricane, or medical emergency, that ensure they are capable enough to look after your furry babies.

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Cat boarding with a mat
Cat Walking Inside Boarding Facility

Get Your Cat Vaccinated

Save your time by getting your cat vaccinated. Every facility has different vaccination requirements, but general vaccination guidelines say that your cat should get the herpes virus, calicivirus, rabies, and feline panleukopenia vaccines. It’s best to get them tested for feline leukemia and feline aids.

Choose A Boarding Facility With Well-Trained Staff

When it comes to the care of your pet in a boarding facility, a good and well-trained staff is essential. Ask the staff, do they have any training certification with pets. Make sure they treat your pets with gentle and kind hands. Why is it necessary? Imagine your pet is in stress because you are not around them. In addition, the staff is not treating them right. How will they feel?

A well-trained staff knows how to deal with pets when they experience separation anxiety. They know how to deal with those tantrums and make them feel good. When you have chosen a boarding facility for your cat, visit the place with your cat to get them used to that environment. You can also bring some toys and food to make them feel at home. These gestures can alleviate their stress level.

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In a nutshell, finding a boarding facility is challenging. Therefore, this decision should be taken wisely. Keep all the factors mentioned earlier in your mind before boarding your cat to ensure you’re cat is in safe hands while you’re away. Never hesitate to ask questions about the food, medications, and staff. A good boarding facility will answer your queries and ensure your pet is safe.

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