Frequently Asked Questions

While a family or friend watching your dog sounds like a great idea we find it is often difficult for friends and or family members to replicate the daily routine and environment they are accustom to. In addition, if a dog has anxiety, behavioral issues, or medical needs family and friends are often not armed with the know-how or resources to provide the appropriate care and support the dog requires.

  • Individuals and families who need who need a reputable facility to properly care for their dog(s) or cats(s) while they are traveling (Vacations, day to the theme parks, children activities such as little league, gym meets, etc.)
  • Business travelers.
  • Those who are in need to travel and do not have someone experienced to watch their family pet. Some common circumstances include bereavement, weddings, holidays, and work obligations.

It is our daily goal to have each dog enjoy 5-6 group and potty time sessions per day. The total time and number of sessions can vary depending on weather, occupancy, dog temperament, etc. The more balanced a dog is the more time they can potentially enjoy as they can be included within multiple play groups.

While all-day play sounds appealing, dogs do need rest. Think about your dog at home; after an active play session they are ready to relax. The relaxing time is part of our structured approach and daily scheduled and provides them an opportunity to return to a calm state of mind without the interruption of other dogs.

We provide comfortable Kuranda cot beds (both for small and large dogs), so please do not bring your dogs bed from home. You may bring a blanket, which we can add, to provide additional comfort and the smell of home. Please pre-bag and label your dogs food. Please do not bring any large bags or containers, unless your pet will be staying with us for an extended time frame of a week or more. We additionally will supply all stainless steel food bowls for sanitation purposes (we do have slow feeders upon request.) Should your pet have any medication/supplements, please organize and place inside a labeled pill organizer. The front office will review administration upon checkin with you. Please feel free to bring treats labeled (with the exception of rawhides.) Toys are also welcomed, but please do not send more than 2-3, so it does not clutter your pups room. Please keep in mind, that they will really only be in their rooms to rest and eat, as they rotate out with their playgroups throughout the day! Lastly, please ALWAYS make sure to bring your pet on a leash. We have many animals coming and going from the facility, and safety is paramount for everyone!

All pets must have proof of required vaccines for boarding and daycare. We require your dog to be up to date on Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper-Parvo), Bordetella (Kennel cough), and Canine Influenza aka as Doggy Flu (H3N2 & H3N8).

  • Vaccines must be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding.
  • All dogs are required to be covered by a flea and tick program.

Yes, we do, however, they are only assessable by working staff, management, and ownership. They are not for public streaming. We have access to them all of the time, and management and ownership have access 24/7. We also have a security system.

Unfortunately, we do not. There are a variety of reasons, one of which is not everyone wants their pets viewable by others (Custody Issues, Client Discretion). We also want you to enjoy yourself while you are on a vacation/trip, as well as have no distractions while at work, as your pets are in good and qualified hands! In addition, we are a small business, and we would rather have all of our staff tending to all of the animal’s needs, rather than placing an additional staff member aside to answer phone calls up front, which is what other facilities report when they have public camera access. We want the quality of the care that we provide to be paramount to entertainment. We know it’s fun to watch our pets play, but that’s also why we send report cards to guests, as well as post to social media a lot! We also have daily conversations with our clients about their pets, which demonstrates our devotion to our care and attention to detail. We are not a corporately owned facility or franchise. We are an award-winning, pet care certified, local small business, who places an emphasis on quality interpersonal care for both the animals that we care for and the clients that we serve. Read our authentic customer reviews!

We do not generally have someone who stays overnight at the facility. If there is inclement weather, we do. We also can set additional shifts/check-ins on holidays where fireworks might be rampant. Each night before our closing hours, all animals are given adequate pottying/rotation time outside Our Animal Care team arrives each morning between 5-5:30 AM, so it’s very early. Pets are always checked in on via cameras and are sleeping at night—we promise! In addition, music is left on overnight for the pets to enjoy! * Not only do we have cameras with audio, but we have an alarm system, as well as a fire system in place.

To All Our Clients

Thank you for your interest in joining our Miss Emily’s Family! We have an awesome program, which we are very proud of for the past 25 years!

Before filling out our registration form, please directly inquire with us IF:

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You have a larger breed dog, or suspect that your dog(s) might be a part of breed restrictions. We are a smaller facility, therefore, are limited as to how many larger dog breeds we can accommodate and accept within the program.

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If your dog has more serious medical conditions, or requires multiple steps of medication. Our staff is well trained, and can accommodate routine medications, but for more serious attention, it is accepted on a case by case basis.

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If you are looking for boarding within the week. We require a Trial Day for any dog(s) who are new to the facility, due to the nature of our safe socialized program. This is complimentary, but must be prescheduled. If you are looking for more immediate boarding, or other services, please call us to see if we can accommodate.

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If you are looking for holiday boarding. Our holiday reservations are typically reserved for our existing clients. It is how we thank them for being a part of our Miss Emily's family year round! If it is close to a holiday, all new clients will be placed on an Waitlist. You can still reach out to inquire.