How Long Will It Take My Dog To Adjust To Doggy Daycare?

Doggy daycares have shown to be more well-maintained than in the past over many years. Due to more recent studies and research, dog kennels have adopted new planned approaches to maintain your puppies effectively.

The biggest concern for pet owners is having their furry buddy adjust to the new environment. Most of the time, dogs’ characteristics allow them to adapt well to social environments, but separation from their owner can create anxiety within them. To combat this hurdle and other challenges, we’ll be looking into how long pups can adjust in a boarding facility and get past the aggression and harsh behaviors.

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To Doggy Daycare

One way to predict that your pup will fit nicely in a doggy daycare is to look at its initial behavior and compare it with the behavior of the pup after they spend its time in the dog kennel in Orlando, Fl. If your pup shows no signs of aggression, no rejection of food, and seeks social and human affection, it’s a good sign.

The signs indicate that the pup is healthily adapting to its new environment. Of course, there will be a few hurdles in the beginning, not all dogs adapt at an equal pace, but the generalized time of a pup to find comfort is in the first week they spend their time in the dog daycare.

Dogs that are a good fit for daycare include puppies, adolescent dogs, high-energy breeds, working dogs, and rarely older seniors. Most of the time, the impact of socialization in dogs determines the pup settling in with their new environment.

Dogs need to adjust for dog daycare services, and you might wonder if they do get stressed at it right? Find out with this article if dogs get stressed out in daycare now.

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Tips to help adjust in Dog Daycare Facility

For any dog, adjusting to a new environment may be a challenging experience. Still, there are ways through which you can ensure the safety and benefit of your pup by letting them adjust to the new environment around them.

Here are a few tips that can help ensure their adaptability progresses:

Have Medical History Ready

The paperwork they insist on receiving from you before allowing your dog into the dog boarding facility is a solid indication of a reputable dog daycare business. Every pup in the dog kennel must clear its medical history to protect them from casualties.

These documents help establish that the pup can safely stay at the dog boarding facility and interact and mingle with the other pups.

Ask About Safety Certifications

Remember that a dog kennel isn’t a veterinary office. Inquiring about their medical emergency procedures is vital to secure your dog’s safety in the kennel. By adhering to the safety guidelines, you can protect your dog from avoidable harm caused by carelessness.

As stated by health safety officials, your dog boarding facility must have at least one person in charge of first aid and CPR when needed.

Look Into Cleaning Protocol

Ensuring the dog daycare facility has a healthy and clean environment is highly necessary as you don’t want your pup to suffer from any illness contracted via the unclean and unhygienic environment of the doggy daycare facility.

The best way to check for a hygienic situation is to check if there are floor-to-ceiling walls, as most of the illness experienced by the pups is regarding half walls and chain link fences that help spread airborne diseases.

You might wonder if it’s worth it to trust your dog to daycare, knowing they have to adjust to it. But by reading this article, you will know what the benefits of doggy daycare now!


When deciding on going to a dog daycare facility, you need to check if your and your pup’s requirements fill the needs of the dog kennel. By ensuring your pup’s safety, you can help prevent disastrous situations. So, the next time you leave your pup at a daycare facility, allow these requirements to be met to ensure the best decision possible.

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