How to Choose the Best Dog Daycare

Dogs are a part of the family. If we plan to put our dogs in a daycare, then we need to make sure that they have a healthy and happy environment, especially when they can’t be by our side. Choosing the best daycare for your dog is extremely important for their wellbeing.

Now the question is; how to choose the best daycare for our dog. The daycare is going to be a big part of their lives, ensure that you are choosing the right daycare for your little pet friend. Following are the guidelines you should consider:

Look For A Doggy Daycare

You can do a primary research about doggy daycare on your phone or computer. Look for all the doggy daycares in your area and visit their website or page to learn more.

If you have a good feeling by looking at their page and the services they provide, add them to your list.

After making a list, start to learn more about them. These are some guidelines that you can keep in your mind while choosing one for your dog:


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Dog In A Dog Daycare
Group Of Dog Relaxing At Dog Daycare

Tour the Facility By Yourself

Ask the facility if you can have a tour or visit their daycare. If they don’t allow you to enter their premises and take a visit, then it should be an alarming sign for you. A good daycare will allow you to take a tour.

They will listen to all the queries you have and make sure you are satisfied with their services. When you are visiting the daycare, keep an eye on these things;

    They should have good ventilation with lots of windows and doors for fresh air for your dog.
    Make sure they use good quality wood for the fences, and they should be firm and tall enough to keep the dog from running away.
    They should have excellent and smooth floor surfaces to avoid any accidents.

Dogs Should Be Grouped Appropriately

Every dog has a different nature and behavior. Ask the daycare about the grouping criteria. Are they separated according to their size, temperament or play style?

The safety of your dog is the most important factor during their stay. If they are not grouped appropriately, then you can’t trust them at all. It is a sign that you might continue your search for the best doggy daycare.

They Should Follow a Schedule

While choosing the best daycare for your dog, you should determine if the daycare is following a scheduled routine. The staff should make a routine for your dog and follow it on daily bases. Your buddy will surely take time to adjust to a new routine, but this is for their good.

You can also guide the daycare on how they should plan a routine for your dog. Ensure that your desired daycare gives supervised period breaks during playtime and exercises. Your dog should not be tired and dehydrated.

The Staff Should Be Trained

Your selected doggy daycare should have experienced working staff, and they should know how to train dogs of all kinds. In addition, the daycare should also provide them with a general training on how to handle dogs safely, even in a grouped environment.

The best daycare will take extra steps to provide a safe environment to your canine friend by enforcing strict rules and regulations for the staff to ensure that your dog is in safe hands.

Make Sure They Have Plans In case Of Any Medical Emergency

Keeping a veterinarian is the most appealing thing in a doggy daycare. In case of any medical emergency, their staff should be trained enough to tackle the situation. They should know how to give first aid to your munchkin. They should also know the places and things to use in a medical emergency.


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Bottom Line

Now that you know what a good daycare looks like. Choose the one you are most confident in leaving your pup alone with.

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