How to Choose the Right Facility for Your Cat

Boarding a cat could be stressful for both you and your cat. This decision will be the toughest if your cat is like your child. Everyone wants their child to be comfortable and free of stress and anxiety, especially when they are away from them.

Suppose you go out of town for a business meeting and leave your cat in a boarding facility. You can focus on your meeting if you choose a suitable boarding facility. Now, this sums up that choosing a suitable facility has to be done wisely for the good of both of you. So that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about a cat.

Before choosing a facility for your cat, some points should be kept in your mind. Here is the list of all those questions for you.

What Vaccine Should My Cat Get Before Boarding?

Every Boarding has different vaccination requirements, but the most common guidelines include rabies vaccine, panleukopenia, herpes virus, and calici virus. If the facility requires any other vaccine, get it done to ensure your cat’s safety and health.

Vaccine are not the only thing you should prepare for your cat. We have an article that can help you prepare your cat for boarding. Read this article now!

How often does the facility Clean the Kennels?

To check the hygiene level of the facility, visit the facility in the morning. If you smell the urine or they are not allowing you to enter their premises, this should be an alarming signal to remove them from your list.

Make sure they take good care of your four-legged munchkin by giving them good and hygienic food. If you prefer home food for your cat, bring it with you to avoid inconvenience. Ask them how often they clean their bowls. They should be clean after every meal.

Also, ask them how and where the food is kept. The kitchen and storage room should be hygienic. Check that they have enough fresh water for drinking and bathing your cat.

Trust your guts where you feel comfortable with their hygiene level. If you have a bad feeling, then don’t go there.

Black Cat In Cat Bed
cat walking inside cat boarding facility

Do They Have the Facility to Board Multiple Cats At the Same Time?

If you have multiple cats and they don’t fight in close quarters, then boarding together can be a great idea. They will have a sense of home and security even in the boarding facility. They will be comfortable thereby seeing their companions around them.

What is the Medical Expertise they have?

A good boarding facility should have a veterinary hospital or at least a veterinary staff. Make sure that if your cat needs any medical supervision, that one should is available not to worsen the situation.

If your cat is taking some medication, bring those with you along with the vet’s prescription and new bottles. The time and dosage should be written on every bottle for the guidance of the staff. Also, alert the staff not to miss any dose.

How will they Manage the Stress and Behaviour of Your Cat?

Just to make sure that your cat won’t be uncomfortable there, ask them about the daily routine and how they will manage your cat’s behavior and tantrums. Here are some questions that you can ask related to your concern:

  • What will be my cat’s daily routine regarding toilet breaks and playing time?
  • How will they manage my cat’s stress due to the change of environment?
  • Cat is not a social animal so ask them about the social interaction of your cat with other cats.

How will Boarding Affect My Cat?

Stress is the primary concern while boarding a cat. Your cat might face difficulties due to a changing environment, food, and familiar faces. A good boarding facility should know how to manage your cat’s stress. They will be aware of the potential effect on your cat and try to minimize it as much as possible.

Find the best cat boarding service for your best friend. By reading this article about the best cat boarding services in Orlando.



Finding an appropriate facility where you both will be comfortable is significant. Leaving your cat can be challenging, but always choose the facility wisely. There are several personal considerations in this decision. Choosing a facility with a proper sanitary system is also necessary, and the staff should be cooperative and trained to ensure your cat is in the right place.

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