Is Dog Boarding Stressful For Dogs?

Are you considering dropping your pup to a dog boarding facility but fearing they might experience kennel boarding stress? Sending them away from home and yourself might make them uncomfortable initially, but it’s for their good. Dog boarding facilities will take excellent care of your dog in your absence. A good place ensures your dog doesn’t have to go through emotional turmoil and helps the dog adjust quickly.

This blog will guide you on what can be stressful for dogs and give tips to reduce stress while boarding.

What do dogs think when they will have to sleep at an unfamiliar place for them? Read this article so you can prepare your dog.

What Is Boarding Kennel Stress?

The mental and physical strain pups receive when a sudden change in the environment can lead to their discomfort. They can show the symptoms through anxiety or fear and noticeable behavioral changes.

Imagine someone leaving you at a new place where you know no one. That’s exactly how a dog feels at a boarding facility for the first time. These days can be tough to adjust to for your furry baby.

That’s why you must ensure that your furry buddy knows where it will be staying, allowing them to get comfortable and acknowledge the change. It is easier if your pup also knows a buddy in the kennel, helping decrease stress.

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Reasons for Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs

Although not all dogs experience kennel stress, for many of them, it is a very unpleasant experience that may be pretty stressful for owners as well. Several variables, such as your dog’s personality, the kennel environment, and events during their stay, will determine whether or not boarding is stressful for your dog. Here are a few things that might make your dog anxious.

Changes to Routine – Pups are accustomed to habit. Any change can leave them worried and anxious. Therefore shifting them to a dog boarding facility can be stressful, as the sudden change can cause your pup to lose their comfort and calm.
Unfamiliar People – Most dogs are accustomed to the touch and presence of another human. Not seeing you might stress them out. In addition, new and unfamiliar faces might cause discomfort and stress in dogs.
Lack of Usual Exercise – Dogs are active creatures that require a bit of exercise to allow them to let out their stress and lose calories to maintain their body and its structure. If the pup hasn’t gone out for a walk or come out of its kennel cage, it will likely face stress.
Sudden Change in Diet – Different dietary nutrition can induce sickness in pups, raising their anxiety as they are confused about why they are in sudden pain. Adequate nutrition helps their immune system to work correctly and lowers the chances of losing appetite, leading to a lack of nutrients.

Tips for Reducing Stress While Boarding

Here are ways to reduce your pup’s stress:

Condition Dog to a Cage – Reducing their freedom to roam around can be stressful to the dog, but allowing them to have a specific time to put them in a cage can get them used to the environment of the dog boarding facility.
Visit Facility Beforehand – By visiting the facility beforehand, you can allow your pups to show their likes and dislikes to the kennel’s owner, allowing them to get comfortable with the idea of changing the environment.
Bring Something Familiar – Give your dog their favorite toy or blanket to help them release their stress. The idea is to bring their comfort item so they don’t stress out.


Dog boarding facilities give dog owners the confidence that their pup is in good hands. That’s why allowing your pups to be handled by professional dog carers is the best option for leaving your pup for a short while.

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