About Miss Emily’s Bed And Biscuit

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Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit was founded by Emily Berry in 1998. Miss Emily was active within the pet community working with the humane society. She was commonly referred to as the “pet lady”, appearing regularly on local TV and radio advocating for pet adoptions and safety.

While our business has evolved Miss Emily’s vision carries on today as we continue to adhere to the principles she established and by loving each pet as if it was our own.

Miss Emily had the vision and desire to provide a better boarding facility and experience verse the traditional kennel model of placing and leaving animals in cages. Emily’s vision was to provide structure and establish daily routines that enabled the dogs to be able to play, socialize and interact with humans throughout the day. Miss Emily’s belief was that by providing dogs a structured routine it helped to reduce or even eliminate anxiety and uncertainty a dog may have while their owner is away. Miss Emily found the approach served as a nice transition from their home for dogs who were accustom to a daily routine. In addition, for dogs who lacked a daily routine she found the dogs benefited by having something to look forward to each day while their owners were away.