Where Can I Leave My Dog When I Go On Vacation?

Leaving your pup home alone is challenging. You are always worried about them throughout your journey. Whether you’re going on a leisure or business trip, separating your furry buddy will always be a tough pill to swallow. But with the accessibilities of dog kennels and other forms of care that can be provided to your pup in your absence, leaving them for a while can take off most of your guilt.

5 Options for Your Pups

Pups have a strong sense and know you’ll leave them alone. They snuggle up next to your suitcases as if wanting to go along with you. Keeping them safe and healthy is one of the biggest concerns. That is why we present to you 5 options through which you can provide the best care to your pet while you’re away:

Pet Sitting

By setting up your pup’s requirements with the dog sitter, you can allow access to all the necessities your pup requires. Many dogs feel comfortable in their environment, which is why; hiring a dog sitter can allow your pups to reduce their stress.

All the information the dog sitter requires can be given to them, including daily visits to your home for feeding, walks, and playtimes, as well as some quality time with your dog that will undoubtedly leave it feeling rested and active as usual.

In-Home Pet Boarding

In-home dog boarding requires you to bring your pup to the dog sitter’s home, where the dog sitter can keep it safe and well-fed. Unlike a usual dog sitter that goes to someone’s home, you can bring your pup to them to ensure that they don’t feel sudden environmental changes.

This is a bonus if the pup is already familiar with the dog sitter’s house. The presence of other animals can also ease the dog and help reduce its anxiety and stress, which can deteriorate your pup’s health.

Dog Leaving At Dog Boarding Facilities
Happy Dogs In Boarding Facilities
Traditional Boarding

The standard option that has benefitted many people is dropping your pup at a dog boarding facility. The dog boarding facility is already enriched with many resources that can benefit your pups, especially when it is filled with professional careers.

A boarding facility allows pups to be gathered in a place that houses numerous pups for your buddy to befriend. As dogs are pack animals, a boarding facility is perfect for them as it can provide ample energy to socialize and run around.

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Family Friend/ Neighbor

You can ask your close neighbor or a friend to provide your dog the comfort it needs before you leave. Next time you leave for a vacation, ask them to feed your four-legged family friend as it not only builds trust with each other but also can bring the parties closer.

It’s an added benefit if the neighbor or family friend owns a pup. This will provide your pup with a friend it can hang out with and will be a better option as you can trust the person to take complete care of your pup.

Take Them Along

This option usually isn’t accessible to everyone- but it’s still an option. By making the proper documentation and pre-training your pup, you can allow your pup to be taken on any form of the trip with you.

It will help ensure your pup’s safety and mask the guilt of being taken away, as you won’t have to enjoy anything without your little furry buddy ever again.

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So, the next time you’re looking forward to going on a trip, here are some options to ensure your pet’s safety and allow you to have fun knowing your buddy is in caring hands.

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