Tips to Prepare Your Cat for Cat Boarding

When you are going on vacation, choosing a boarding facility for your cat is the toughest decision. There are many boarding facilities for cats that are safe and nice, but how finding the right one is the main concern.

However, the more complicated thing is training your cat for the boarding facility, as they are not used to it. You need to ensure that your cat has a good experience by considering these tips while training them.

Don’t delay this task and start their training as soon as possible, as it will likely require some preparations. This training seems easy, but it might be a little nerve-wracking. For this reason, we have listed down some tips for you.

Visit the Facility for a Trial Run

Make some visits with your cat before leaving it for more than two weeks. Make them feel comfortable there. Make the visits longer gradually to grow accustomed to the changes of the new environment. Don’t be in a hurry, as there is much to take in for them. A new bed, new smells, new caretakers, and most probably some new food.

If we are specifically talking about cats, they spend more time inside the house following the same routine and doing the same daily activities in the same environment. Boarding can be extremely challenging for them. You must be patient and keep trying by slowly introducing them to their new environment and caretakers.

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Make the Surrounding Comfortable for Them

Cats are a creature of habit, and bringing their familiar toys or supplies with them will help your cat to cope with the new environment. This training will also help them reduce their stress level during boarding.

You can also leave a piece of your clothing in the boarding facility to keep it near your cat. This action can make your munchkin feel secure and home-like in their boarding stay.

Cat Relaxing At Cat Boarding
Cat Waiting to Play

Ask the Boarders to Cuddle your Cat

Cats are always happiest when we cuddle or love them. Most of these furry balls love to cuddle and hug. Ask the facility if the staff snuggle and cuddle the cats. If not, ask the boarder to cuddle them multiple times; they feel loved by them.

Cats love attention; you can see smug expressions on their faces. Cuddles can reduce stress and anxiety level. If your cat is anxious, hugging them would be the best way to calm them down. So technically, this would be a great idea because your cat will already be stressed due to your absence.

This gesture can also create a bond between your cat and the border, and they will feel comfortable in their arms.

Introduce your Cat to a Crate

Maybe your cat is not aware of the traveling crate. Now it is time to make your cat familiar with this. Introducing it to the crate before going to the facility is as important as having trial runs at the boarding facility.

Now the question arises that how you will make habituate them with it. You can keep the crate in the living room or in an area where they feel most comfortable to avoid the feeling of loneliness or abandonment to them.

You can also keep their blanket and toys inside the crate for them to play. Try to praise your cat whenever they approach or enters the crate. These are the tricks that you can apply during this training.

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If you practice these tips while training them, they might be less stressful during their boarding stay. It shouldn’t be scary for your cat; if they adopt the changes, they may start enjoying their stay. Also, bring plenty of their food to avoid a sudden change in their diet. This idea could lead to stomach upset.

Make sure you train them for at least a week or two to make them used to the new environment. Don’t force things on your little ball of fur.

This brings us to the end of our article on tips to prepare your cat for boarding. By following these tips, you will be able to prepare your cat for a comfortable and homely experience.

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