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Re-Fur ALL Program

As of 2017 Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit topped 1,400 pet households who depend on us for the care of their dogs and cats. While we are very fortunate so many of central Florida’s pets depend on us, our focus and ongoing goal is to provide a safe, clean, and - most importantly - fun environment for the dogs and cats.

As a boutique establishment, we strive to provide a personalized experience, which includes knowing the animals and their owners and understanding each pets’ unique sets of needs. Due to our loyal customer base, we’ve made the decision to scale back our marketing efforts so we can focus on our existing customers and their friends and family members. This means, instead of allocating money for marketing, we’ve decided to focus on rewarding existing clients for referrals of friends and family members. We feel this approach will allow us to grow at a healthy rate while also keeping our promise of being a boutique establishment while providing a safe and fun experience for your pets.


Our New Referral Program

Refer 1 = 1 Free Night
Refer 2 = 2 Free Nights
Refer 3 = 1 Free Full Week
All referrals over 3 = 3 Free Nights
Refer 1 = 15% OFF for your referral and 15% OFF for you (Their first visit, your next)
Refer 2 = 15% OFF for your referral and 25% OFF for you (Their first visit, your next)
Refer 3 = 15% OFF for your referral and 50% OFF for you (Their first visit, your next)
Refer 4 = 15% OFF for your referral and 75% OFF for you (Their first visit, your next)
Refer 5 = 15% OFF for your referral and FREE visit (Their first visit, your next)


Referral Program Details

  • Referral Definition: The referral of a friend or family member who made and kept their reservation
  • Free Night: Free Night off your standard reservation type. For example, if you usually reserve a king suite, you will be eligible for a free night of a king suite for your pet
  • Non-Refundable
  • Non-Transferable
  • Offer is subject to change without notice, and at our discretion
  • There is no limit to the number of family or friends you can refer or the number of nights you may receive
  • Please notify Miss Emily’s of any referral so we may update and track your account
  • Previous referrals do not count toward this program. Please contact us to ensure you received credit under the old referral program
  • Grooming Referral will start over after 5th referral
  • Referral program is intended to run through April 1st 2019 and then it will be re-evaluated