The Difference Between Dog Sitting And Dog Boarding

Leaving your pup behind while you’re traveling is never easy. But sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions for your dog’s well-being. You can drop them off at a dog kennel or hire a pet sitter. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This blog will give you a detailed analysis of dog boarding vs. dog sitting to help you choose wisely for your dog the next time you’re away.

Dog Boarding vs. Dog Sitting

Dog boarding was the only option available most of the time until recently, when pet sitting came into play. Professional pet sitters and pet boarders have quite a few differences in caring for your pet.
Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is where the dog is given into the custody of a local kennel. Dog kennels specialize in keeping your dog well-maintained until you’re back. Doggy daycares are the perfect way of ensuring that your pets are in safe hands and that you can be sure of them being better behaved.

Dog boarding has multiple dogs and multiple dog experts that can control the crowd better than a dog sitter can. Your pup will have ample companions to socialize with, which prevents them from having separation anxiety.

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Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is where you hire a person to come to your house and take care of your pet while you’re away. You must ensure your dog sitter is professional at handling dogs to keep your pet safe ad in good health. You have to guide your pet sitter on the dos and don’ts of your pet and give them a list of instructions to follow while you’re gone.

Dog sitters can specialize in providing comfort to pups alone compared to pups with multiple companions. Moreover, the pup won’t have to spend time trying to get to know a new place.

Dog Boarding
Dog Sitting

Advantages of Dog Boarding vs. Dog Sitting

Dog boarding will make your pup more organized and well-behaved. Experts take good care of their sleep schedule, daily walks, feeding, exercise, and other activities. You can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. The professionals can manage any medical emergency because they know your dog’s potential medical demands.

You are confident that if something goes wrong, they will get in touch with you and adhere to the plan you developed with the staff. They can manage more than one dog at a time while giving special attention to each one.

On the other hand, dog sitters can help look after your dog at your place. However, you have to spend some time ensuring the person your hire is a professional and can look after your dog.

A single pup is bound to experience separation anxiety, and the stress of being home alone can deteriorate the pup’s health. The dog sitter can better care for a singular dog and give it unconditional love.

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Dropping your pup off at a safe place where they’ll learn new tricks and be taken care of or having a person come over to your place to look after them in Orlando, Fl, are ideal options for pet owners while they’re away. Your pups can spend more time socializing and quality time together under good care.
Rest assured, Miss Emily’s Bed & Biscuit will never let you down with our dog boarding services. Every pet owner wants to feel at ease when dropping off their dog or cat for boarding. We offer a fun, clean, and safe environment to ensure that your furry child can play all day and fall asleep soundly at night.

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