What Do Dogs Think When They Get Boarded

After choosing the best kennel for your dog, dropping them off can be difficult for both of you. Even a well-trained dog can become restless during their boarding experience. They will feel lonely and anxious in that strange place.

It is not suitable to think like a human in this situation. Dogs don’t feel nauseous or hopeless in a strange place without any known face. They get insecure and face a certain level of depression when being left in a completely new environment.

Although dogs are friendly and get comfortable quickly, many feel lost during their stay.

Dogs are very loyal and dependent on their guardians for security and reassurance. We should talk to the staff in front of them with only positive body language to ensure that they are safe.

What Do Dogs Think While Boarded

There are several thoughts in their mind; let’s try to fit in their shoes and try to answer the question that might be in their minds.

May Be My Owner Has Abandoned Me

Dogs are the most innocent and well-mannered creatures you will ever see. They will notice every movement of their owners and mostly remember the routine. They will learn when you’re going out in the morning and returning in the evening.

When you drop your fluffy companion at the boarding facility and they don’t see you in the evening. They will inspect that something is wrong and maybe you have abandoned them. They might also think that something terrible has happened to you and you will never come back and take them home again.

White Dog Relaxing With Dog Doarding Attendant
Group Of Dog Playing With Dog Boarding Attendant

They Don’t Understand What is Happening

When you leave your dog in a boarding facility for the first time, it might take time to adjust and trust the staff. They may be confused and anxious.

It is uncommon for dogs to be left in a boarding facility. They start to eat less than usual due to anxiety and stress. They face this kind of trauma because dogs are shy and highly attached to their owners.

They usually don’t feel comfortable there because a boarding facility is hosting many animals. The loud noises bother them and the presence of other dogs is inconvenient.

There is nothing we can do about it. Even if you leave your little companion alone in the house, it will be stressful for the both of you.

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They Miss Their Owner and Home

We all are aware of the fact that dogs do miss us. It is proved several times by how dogs react when they meet their owners after a long day away from them. Dogs usually don’t react like humans. They will bark, destroy things or even cry about how much they are missing their human friend.

The emotions of dogs are a little complex because they can’t understand the situation. When you leave your dog in the boarding facility, it won’t be missing only you but their home, favorite sleeping place, and the toys too.

But there is no need to worry about it, as they will forget all about you in a week or two. The most exciting thing is when you both will reunite, and you can pick them up to cuddle them. You can compensate for your absence by giving them extra time when you come back and play with them.

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Bottom Line

Don’t feel guilty after deciding to board your furry companion. This decision might be callous for you, but leaving your dog with a neighbor or friend could be a risk too. Therefore, always choose a suitable facility for your dog to receive proper care and routine.

Most of the dogs will adjust within a day or two. Your dog may face some anxiety and stress, to avoid this, visit the facility multiple times with your dog and your canine friend will be acquainted with the new environment.

Ask the staff to pat and cuddle them to reduce their awkwardness.

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